Welcome to The Global State – a blog dedicated to current events, history, and international relations.

My name is Denali Marsh and I’m the creator, author, and curator of The Global State.

DenaliMarshI spend way too much time everyday researching and reading about history, international relations, and geopolitics. Ever since I was little, I’ve been interested in the world’s past and future. As a kid I still remember reading about how Julius Caesar toppled the Roman Republic,  overcoming centuries of democratic tradition with the sheer force of personality and will. From Sun Tzu’s Art of War to Machiavelli’s The Prince, I devoured political theory about military tactics and ideologies behind the structure of various societies and states. Over time I’ve become more interested in modern political events and their geopolitical origins and implications, ranging from the complex factors behind the Syrian Civil War to land disputes in the South China Sea and the rapid deterioration of Sino-Japanese relations.

Why The Global State?

The Global State is a website dedicated to bringing my findings to readers, with updates and analysis about history and ongoing conflicts from all around the world. I started the Global State in January 2015 mainly to organize my thoughts and share my work with others. On The Global State you’ll find articles about engaging historical events, analysis of international affairs, as well as media (photos, videos, maps) that I find particularity compelling and informative.

Anything on The Global State is my personal opinion on modern political events and my own interpretation of historical events.

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